Changhong PVC Coated Wire Products Co. mainly offers three categories of products:

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pvc coated wire
PVC coated chain link fenc

PVC coated or plastic coated wire is processed with coating a layer of polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene on the surface of the annealed wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire and other materials. The coating layer is firmly fitted to the wire to form the features of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, long life and other characteristics.


The steel wire with plastic or PVC coating is used in daily life binding and industrial tying as tie wire or binding wire, manufacturing of pvc coated welded wire mesh, chicken wire and chain link fences. With beautiful color and protective layer, it can also be used in wire hanger or handicraft production.


The Difference of Plastic coating and PVC dipping:

Plastic coating: Referring to the surface processing of the wire. The solid plastic is melt into liquid plastic under high temperature, then the metal wire material is put into plastic flow, it is taken out after certain time. Plastic Dipping: Referring to the surface treatment on the finished wire mesh. Welded wire mesh or woven wire mesh is treated with PVC to achieve anti-corrosion property. Commonly written as plastic coated wire mesh, it is normally made through the process of plastic dipping.


In general, plastic coating mainly applies to the wire before further weaving or fabricating. The plastic dipping normally applies to the wire mesh processed with the steel wire.


Steel Wire with Green PVC Coating Plastic Coated Welded Steel Mesh
Steel Wire with firm Plastic Coating Layer and Improved Corrosion Resistance Property Steel Wire Mesh Welded then Plastic Dipped
Green PVC Coated Welded Fence Panels  
Light Type Welded Mesh Panels with Plastic Dipped Surface, Suitable for Outdoor Fencing Uses  


Main Parameters of Plastic Coated Wire:
1: Material before coating:

  •  Steel wire; ② galvanized wire; ③ redrawing wire; ④ annealed wire; ⑤ stainless steel wire

The wire gauge number, tensile strength, elongation, the amount of zinc and other parameters shall be determined. Average tensile strength ranges from 350N/MM2-900N/MM2, elongation ranges from 8% -15%.
2: Coating Color:
Common colors are grass green (light green), dark green (dark green),Gray, White.
3: Wire diameter with and without plastic coating:
Wire diameter before coating:
Wire diameter with coating:
Plastic layer (0.4mm-1.5mm), wire diameter deviation (+0.05 mm/-0.05mm Max)


Packing: Referring to galvanized wire packaging


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